Saturday, July 9, 2011

At Diligers

LADIES NIGHT at DILIGERS! FREE Lychee Martini to all the ladies! :)
What a perfect way to celebrate my friend's birthday! :)


(TOP: Topshop/ PANTS: BELT: The Ramp)

Shoes: ZARA

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fashion Week: Sassa Jimenez

Sneak Preview of Sassa's Collection PFW Holiday 2011.
We got there at a very late hour which brought us way back of the row. At least we still got to see the show! :)
Anyway, her collection is very soft, chic, & vibrant. She made use of pinks, yellows, & blues which made the show very fresh!
To sum it off, Congrats Sass! :) Another one awesome job as always! :)

Sneak Preview of the Sassa's collection:

Before I end, I have a short story about Sass. Well she's actually my classmate back in high school (Virtual Arts Class) and back then during our homeroom class we did an activity where our adviser gave us a sheet of paper and the objective is to illustrate your life on the year 2015. Guide questions were: Where will you be 10 years from now? Who do I imagine myself to be in 2015? and what will I be doing in that time?
Here's what she did:

And just about few years after, she's already a fashion designer.

You want to see what I did?
Here it is:
Yes, all about fashion! me being a fashionista not just a designer... Well I think I'm still working on my dream one step at a time... :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Attica to Guillys

Outfit: (Corset Top- Forever 21, Leopard Trousers- PROMOD, Accessories- Aldo & Forever 21, Black Pumps - The Ramp)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Failed Failed Failed!!!

Guess what happened today?! My plan was to actually leave the office earlier than the usual time but then I only left work at exactly 530pm THE EXACT TIME Forever 21 fashion show gates will open! Well at the back of my head, I was thinking what the heck, it's not starting yet...

So as I rush in from Makati to SMX Convention,the traffic took me an hour before I arrive at the venue & as I arrive at the door of function rooms, people are already walking out! I'm just exactly on time for the ENDING! woohoo! bravo me! haha! Guess I'll just watch Sassa's show on Saturday and this time, I'll arrive an hour earlier!!! :P

HATE IT! FAIL!!!! (shoes from La Manilla ->



Sunday, May 8, 2011

Comfy & Rugged

I miss wearing these booties from Monica Figs, she's actually a filipino shoe designer and her collections are so far very unique!
Anyway, I'm still thinking on what to wear this fashion week....hmmm...

Oh gosh, I'm wearing too much shorts lately... tsk tsk tsk...

Click my lookbook for the brand details. :)


With my girls :)

The FAILED jump!

SANDY, now with BRACES!!! she looks so young with those! :P


They say when you're happy, your double chin shows! :P hehe :P

Dave & I :)

Went out with my close friends for some free shots at Limbo! It's a tiny bar at the corner street of Fort, I think the 32nd St? It's easy to find, just open your car windows and follow the good music & add it up with some drunk dudes shouting for some more shots. JUST LIKE THIS IRISH DUDE HERE! ->

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Modern Pocahontas Shoot

(Top: Forever21, Shorts: Forever 21, Necklace: Forever 21, Fur Hoodie Vest: ZARA, Boots: Schu)

Since we're already living beside all the trees and bushes in Bataan I dedicated my Indie Fox outfit to our earthly backyard in the province. :) hahaha! :P
I really felt like the modern Pocahontas for a moment . haha!
*lovin' my peacock feather earrings =)*